Friday, December 17, 2004

Vacation Week

I have been on vacation most of the week. I didn't get further than NY (where DJ lives) but I still had a fun week none the less. My favorite thing about having a boyfriend - domestic activities. How much fun is grocery shopping and home shopping. Since DJ has been living in his almost barren condo for almost a year, we decided to get some things to spruce up the place. Purchases included a fab Calphalon non-stick pan set which I have already cooked for us and the dog in. I also finished up all my Christmas shopping - on the internet of course. Its great to have a guy who lives in NJ. Now I just pay for shipping to his place instead of tax!

I gave my notice today at work. It was such a relief. My bosses boss had the nerve to leave me a voice-mail which stated "I received your e-mail and we accept your resignation." Accept it???!!!??? Since when do they have a choice? Now the only thing I am worried about (besides cutting back on shopping) is the fact that they might not let me work out my two weeks notice. For some reason, they want me to hand over all my projects today by close of business. I am kind of sorry I didn't wait until the end of the day to send out my notice.

So honesty is not always the best policy. I told DJ about sleeping with my ex the day before he left for L.A. We were not official boyfriend/girlfriend at that time and ex sex is not something you can control all the time. He was pissed because he realized that this is the same ex that I dumped him for almost 2 years ago. Now its gotten to the point where he has the ex's address and wants to pay him a visit if he interferes with our relationship again. Who knew the DJ was gully!!??!! Secretly it was sweet that he would go to these lengths to make sure the ex didn't fuck up our thing again.

Tonight the DJ and I are going to see Paul Mooney. If you hear a news report about a white, Jewish hip hop DJ assaulting a well known comedian, that's us. I am hoping I can restrain him. Let's hope Paul Mooney goes easy on our interracial thing.

Have a good weekend!

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