Monday, December 06, 2004

Updates for French Kitty

I can't type too much because I am feeling like shit and I have loads of work to do today, but I wanted to dish on my weekend.

First to answer one question, yes Prada Manager has one son and although he looks young, he is 30 so he just meets the age requirement.

Friday night DJ picked me up from work. I tried to cancel informing him that I was feeling rather sick, but he insisted on taking me back to his place, going grocery shopping and cooking lobster, stuffing and salad for dinner. Buttercup never turns down a man cooked meal. The food was delicious - I love lobster! Afterwards, DJ admitted to messing up the first two batches of stuffing. Unfortunately, despite the energy from a good meal, my health deteriorated over the weekend and I had hot flashes and night sweats as well as the chills, a fever, sore throat and nausea for the remainder of the weekend. On Sunday, I decided to go see a doctor and got some antibiotics which have been working wonders since.

7 more days of work at this shit firm for me. The whole two weeks notice time period doesn't count. Who does real work once they have decided they are leaving?

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