Monday, December 27, 2004

New Year's Part Deux

The boyfriend is coming home for New Year's!!! And no, it's not because of me. They cancelled doing a show on New Year's eve for lack of promotion so he will be here tomorrow. Luckily, I spent all day yesterday cleaning his apartment so it could be ready for when he gets back. DJ's are not exactly neat. Imagine matching thousands of CDs with their rightful cases and you have a small idea of what I went through yesterday. I am just glad its over.

So now, what to do on New Year's Eve. I will give you an idea of where I will end up, if any of you New Yorker's know of the Last Poet's New Year's bash, there is a good chance you will see me there. If you have no idea what I am talking about - good! I don't have to worry about running into folks I don't know.

Happy Monday. It was for me since I just woke up and I am still getting paid for working today!!!

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