Thursday, December 02, 2004

I'm getting married!

Relax, not to a guy I'm dating. My best buddy and travel partner in crime Jay and I are going to get married in Vegas for three days for his 30th birthday in January. I know it sounds crazy and tacky and Britney like, but he convinced me that it would be the perfect way to top all the other fun, crazy things we have done together over our 15 years of friendship. How funny would it be to introduce my best guy friend as my ex-husband who I have never slept with!

In other news, my boss told me he was no longer going to give me this new position and attempted to give examples of untrue situations as to why. One situation in particular was in reference to one person overhearing a conversation I was having with a vendor and reporting to HR that I my tone was bad to the vendor. Of course when I offered to call said vendor on her personal mobile phone and get them to ask her about working with me - they refused. After the meeting, I called the vendor and told her the story and she laughed and offered to send a letter on my behalf. I'll show them whose lying.

So DJ got to meet another friend yesterday when he picked me up after work with flowers since I told him what a crappy day I had at work. Med School Shar modeled her residency interview suits for us while we all laughed at Curb on demand HBO. It's rare that friends get to meet guys I date because I change dates like shoes. So far my friends seem to like him - not that I am easily influenced by my friends. Now I have to introduce him to some male friends to see how well he gets along with them.

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