Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Hard Drive Failure

My laptop started making funny noises when I got back from San Fran. It sounded very ill so of course I took it to IT Manager. Well it seems I am having hard drive failure and I don't back-up! IT Manager is currently working on replacing my hard drive and somehow saving my precious files. Everyone take a moment of silence for my ill laptop.........okay. I may not be posting as much as a result, since I like to post from home because I want to savor my last ten days at work with my co-workers and I have spent the last few weeks hanging out in their offices, reading magazines and refusing all work that has been given to me. Why start new projects when I am quitting soon? They can't fire me for saying no? Law firms are hard to get fired from - the one good benefit.

So last Tuesday, Prada Manager invited me over to his house for my cooked dinner and a sleep over. I didn't accept because I had my flight the next day and it was going to rain. Well tomorrow, after my writing group, we have a rain check to make up for the missed date. He even mentioned that he picked something up for me for the holidays. I am very curious to see what that is. Tonight I have plans with the DJ after he films a T.V. segment. I am not sure what we are doing, but I hope it involves discussing this new business idea he has. That is the main reason I really like the DJ. I have never met a man who is full of creative energy with an entrepreneurial streak. I am not sure if I mentioned that DJ has three businesses and is working on a fourth. Jews know how to get paid! Everyone else can learn a thing or two. DJ is one man who could motivate me to do what makes me happy in life - and get rich doing it. I watched him start out with nothing over a year ago to get where he is now in his career and I respect him for that.

Now, let's move on to new boys. I have been exchanging e-mails with this crazy, tattooed white boy who works as a toy designer. How cool! We both live in Brooklyn and both love dogs. I am already in love. He also seems a bit crazy based on his photos, his e-mails and his profile, which for me is a definite plus. I am not sure why I like guys who could use psychotropic meds, but something about it is sexy.

I have another meeting with my boss in one hour to discuss this new position he has been wanting me to take. Instead of being a smart ass and responding to him with "Why are we meeting? I want more money and you don't want to give it to me. Case closed!", I have decided to be mature and screw him further by telling him I want the job, taking it, having him reject other candidates and then quitting on Dec. 17th. That is a Buttercup move.

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