Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday night - No football

So I have a ticket flying into SFO on Wednesday night. It's official - I'm meeting the DJ's parents. This shit doesn't even sound right as I type it. I will be back on Sunday and will blog all about my weekend. I hope I have fun. I hope I get to go shopping. The DJ was even nice enough to also extend a Turkey Day invite to my friend Jen who is out there all alone stressing over her lab results. Don't ask what the fuck she is studying. It's far more advanced than my feeble brain - some engineering shit.

I AM SO HAPPY THEY KICKED RACHEL OFF REAL WORLD/ROAD RULES CHALLENGE - Take that you wanna be gay bitch. I hate a bitch that says she is gay and wears lesbians rule t-shirts but has flings with guys. Bitch, go suck a clit.

Is it rude to listen to iPod the entire flight when you are traveling with someone. I mean Jay and I have an understanding when we fly and the other guys I have flown with have been short flights. DJ is so fucking sensitive he might not like it. What do we talk about for 6 hours???

Interview tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I think HR is on to me. If a self-assessment for your review is optional, why did I get three personal e-mail reminders and a personal extention on the deadline? Fucking HR. Can't they just cut my bonus check early so I can quit already?

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