Friday, November 19, 2004

Me, Matt and Al

Well the best thing that happened to me on Tuesday was my celebrity sighting. I was bitching about NY film crews on the way up 5th Avenue to check out the crap that they are referring to as the Karl Lagerfeld line at H&M and on the way back the crowd was even larger. As my friend and I made our way back to work, we were greeted with even larger crowds. As I pushed through crossing the street cursing every movie studio, I realized I was two feet away from two dream men - Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino. Of course, unable to contain myself I screamed "Oh shit, Al Pacino!" The director promptly yelled cut and the actors were forced to do the scene over as a result of my big mouth. Oh well.

I called out "sick" to work on Wednesday to enjoy the nice weather and interview. I am starting to feel like something I really want might come through for me and I am looking forward to my last day at my current firm (a few thousand bonus dollars richer no less).

The DJ has been calling from L.A. He has been spending too much time with some porn star called Mr. Marcus. Now he has decided to focus more on starting a porn business and less on his DJ business. Whatever works. Not sure how I would feel about dating someone in that industry even if they were not the "star".

Macy's is the worst store in the universe. I tried to help my friend shop there and the customer service and the appearance of the store is atrocious. I see why I stick to uptown stores like Bergdorf and Saks.

Happy Friday. I know I'm having one. I must finish my first draft in time for our first writer's draft session this Saturday. I really think this event (December 6th) is going to be better than last month. If you want information, simply shoot me an e-mail at Does anyone think that Condi has ever given Bush a blowjob? Just something I can't stop thinking about. The picture is s vivid in my head. If I turn up dead - you know why.

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