Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hump Day Wednesday Preview

I guess I should backtrack to the weekend. Friday's weather was gross so I stayed in bed - with who is none of your business. Let's move on to Saturday. I started out at my friend's book reading which was lovely for him and I since he sold tons of books. The the DJ and I made plans to hang out since he was leaving the next day for L.A. As a side note I have realized its not a good idea for me, control freak, to go to a city where you need to drive with no car, no license with a clingy guy who expects me to be around him every waking moment. There are very few men who can tolerate me for longer than 2 days.

The DJ and I went to our old favorite hole in the wall Jamaican restaurant in Flatbush and he again tried to backtrack and reconstruct where our relationship went wrong. I still don't have the heart to tell him I left him for the ex. Not that the DJ wasn't driving me up a wall with his neediness. Since the night was still young and I was pissed at him for being late AGAIN, we also went to a movie (my pick) and I promise any of you who go and see Ray will love it. I hate Jamie Foxx. I don't understand how someone so ugly created such a career for himself, but the movie is wonderful and his wife in the movie, Kerry Washington, is gorgeous and talented. By the time the movie was over and we had mourned ODB's death, the DJ took me home. No less than 10 minutes later, the ex calls to talk to me about ODB's passing (at this point, it's 2:30 a.m.). He convinced me to come over in a cab and watch his recent Netflix order. FYI - Ben Affleck really is a horrible actor. Proof? Paychecks with Uma Thurman. The morning was just like every other morning waking up next to the ex - us cuddling and him telling me how much he misses me. I am sick of him playing with what's left of my heart and brain. I just reminded him that he dumped me over a year ago and to stop lying about missing me. Why does he always come around when the DJ is coming on so strong with all his "boyfriend" moves? The minute someone else wants you, they all come around the bend.

Sunday was football day with another guy I am seeing. No nickname and no further discussion because I kind of like him and nothing is really worth speaking about. He is cute, normal and we have a great time together. I'll fill you in if it goes anywhere.

Monday I went out with Prada manager (now referred to as Prada). I am not sure why he showed up with his 25 year old brother or why he thought it was a good idea to take me to ESPN Zone. Despite these huge no-no's, I think I might actually go out with him again. I think he was testing me so I won't give the satisfaction of my failing. I am also trying to butter him up for that Prada discount and the dinner he promised to cook for me. So I'll give him a chance to come through with that before kicking him to the curb. Being fine and always in a suit when I see him helps.

Tomorrow and Thursday I have further interviews. I have 20 more days at my current job. I can't wait. The only other person in my department that reports to my boss also intends to quit on bonus day. I can't wait to see his face. I told her we should walk in and quit together. People at work need to learn to stop fucking with me. I have nothing to lose - not even a job.

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