Monday, November 22, 2004

Hip Hop Video comments

Is that "Bird" from the Soul Food movies, also known as Malinda Williams, Mekhi Phifer's ex, in the new Young Buck video looking like the ultimate chicken head trying to be the characters from Natural Born Killers? Why can't actresses stick to acting?

Has anyone listened to the lyrics for Destiny's Child Soldier? Who knew those prissy bitches knew anything about a man who carries weight and flips dough? Are they trying to be street like Mariah with the ghetto dudes in the black and white video?

Who told Alicia Keys and Llyod Banks to name their new singles "Karma"? I keep wanting to see the Alicia Keys version, not the Llyod Banks one.

Who else wants to put Chingy in a large game machine and ping him into oblivion?

Does Ashanti think that if she flashes the ass cheeks like Beyonce did in her first single, she will move as many units? The song, "Only You", is hot all by itself - no need for the ass shots.

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