Monday, September 13, 2004

Less work and more play

This Sunday was the big day - I met some bloggers for the first time in person during a dry run of the live event on Tuesday. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing (from what I hear, it's good) but I am going first. ME. I will start off the tone of the night. Needless to say my obsessing over what to wear has begun. For a moment I thought it would be cool to show up as a real Buttercup (see previous post for character descriptions). Then I came to my senses when I remembered this was not a Halloween event. So now I am not sure if I want to wear something short and cute or something more conservative. I'll guess you will have to come to see what I show up in. It doesn't help when the person who came with me to the dry run gave a comment that included, "This story confirms you are a freak."

So knowing that it will take me all day Tuesday to get ready, I have decided to call in sick from work and get my hair done. I made sure tomorrow's sick day will seem real since I left work today early with "stomach issues" (I also had another $100 focus group to go to). My stupid boss is just happy I have not quit yet. I know he senses it always asking about my evening and my weekend and asking me how I am doing. He never cared before.

My dating has kind of tapered off. I don't know if it is my fault or the fault of the men I chose to date this summer. I have a few men I was e-mailing and I think I will resume that to see what options I have left. Aside from the Lawyer, no one has kept my interest. Surprisingly I don't see him often, but we talk a lot and he keeps me laughing and on my toes. I guess it's the whole smart thing - I need to date a smart guy.

Tomorrow night, provided I am not wasted, I will post the story that I will read tomorrow. It is a bit long, but I got good feedback from it yesterday so I think it's worth it. Feel free to leave me your comments.


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Shameless Plugs

Before I begin, as a side note, avid readers of blog should realize that not all posts are consecutive. I could post about something today that happened to me two months ago and then post tomorrow about the same day. The brain works in mysterious ways.....

On Thursday afternoon, my friend Matt from a former job at another boring law firm, came to meet me for lunch at Bogart's with a special copy of his newly published book. I can't tell you how happy I was for him when he found out he was going to be published. It is the coolest thing to walk into a book store and KNOW someone whose name appears on a spine. As VHI would say, Matt is having a best week ever. He is in love with a girl he met on Match (which I convinced him to sign up for and coached him on) and now he is in stores. If he does some area readings and poetry is your thing, I will post some info on readings. Until then, just e-mail Matt if you want to purchase a copy of his book. He can be reached at m_thorburn at hotmail dot com (Matt has a fear of spam). He accepts paypal. If you really are lazy, you can also get it at amazon. Support the arts and buy direct because Amazon keeps a lot of the funds if you buy from them. Did I mention Matt no longer works at Chadbourne? He definitely qualifies as a starving artist.

On Thursday night I went to check out my friends band Dough at The Cutting Room. When I googled them to find out the exact location, I recalled that the venue is co-owned by Chris Noth (Mr. Big from Sex & The City for those of you not familiar). I got dressed with the intention of hopefully seeing him there....I never knew how good Chris' band was. They looked like perfectly polished signed artists on stage. Then to celebrate Chris' birthday, Magnolia Bakery cupcakes were passed out. For those of you non-NYers, people have been known to line up for a cupcake from Magnolia. I am not sure if that is because of their feature on Sex & The City or the high quality of the cupcakes. Overall, the night was a treat, so I want you to go purchase Dough's new CD here now!

I am so happy people around me are having such fabulous luck. Now if only it would rub off on me.......If I had a genie, here is what I would wish for:

  • a body forever stuck at size 4
  • a job I loved so much that I would never mind working weekends and late nights
  • an adorable boyfriend who adored me size four or not.

If you know a genie, have him call me.

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