Monday, May 31, 2004

One more option for the economically challenged. These are under $100. If you need something less expensive than that, send me an e-card, .37 cents cheaper than a real card. These can be found on Size 8.5 or 9. Thanks in advance!


For those of you looking for a more affordable option, getting this skirt available from in a size 8 in ivory would be great.


Well, my birthday is coming up in approx. two months. Since people never know what to get me, I thought I would start a wish list of things that I would LOVE. Here is the first entry. These are available on and I would need a 9 since they don't have an 8.5. If you need my ship-to address, just shoot me an e-mail.


99 Problems

I am not sure if I have 99 problems, but Jay-Z has one. As much as I LOVE the Brooklyn born rapper, I was very disappointed to learn that Jay-Z took that song as well as the catchy chorus from none other than Ice-T. Why Jay, why?? Anyway, people with problems usually like to share them. Suddenly problems weigh less if you fill other people in on the details. Below are some of my problems. Feel free to hit me with comments on your own problems.

1. I can't lose 30 pounds to save my life (so what, I want to weigh 110).
2. I can't seem to get a tiny Naomi Campbell butt to save my life.
3. I can't stop buying shoes.
3. I have no place to put any new shoes out of reach from my shoe loving dog.
4. The only two men I have ever loved don't want to be with me.
5. Both my dogs have the "runs".
6. "Restructuring" at my job has created chaos at work where I once had harmony.
7. I can't afford to see my shrink anymore because I buy expensive shoes.
8. I have been priced out of the condo/co-op market in NY.
9. I went to Saks the other day to buy make-up and despite dropping $187, the sales folks were still shady.
10. My dog bit me again today.


Match Date #1 -

Well I decided to start writing about each of my match dates as soon as they are over, so I can look back and see how I felt initially after meeting someone. Those first set of dates were not worthy of write ups, so I plan to forget anyone who completely sucks. If you are a guy I have gone out with and have discovered my blog w/o me giving you the URL, what you read on this blog, stays on the blog.

Back to the story...Tonight, I went out with a fireman. Very cute, tall, nice body, works out, SWM, 31 years old, no kids, lives alone. We had a very simple date. He picked me up and we went to Mo's in Fort Greene and spoke for 3 hours over 2 drinks each. He was very easy to converse with and very funny. On the way to dropping me off, He showed me his apartment which was really nice. He is a really neat guy who definitely cooks and knows how to keep his place clean. We played an interesting game of truth or dare so we got to learn a lot about each other and capped of our date with a kiss. He is definitely someone I want to see again. I'll let you know how Fireman Date #2 turns out.


Saturday, May 29, 2004

Comments Please?

I see the traffic my blog has been getting as of late. I know where you are, your ISP, your OS, how you got here, what you search for, and for some of you, I even know exactly who you are. Here is my question for the readers, where are the comments. I didn't add the extra code from Haloscan for my health. So if you see something that interests you or you disagree with (most people disagree with everything I say or vice versa), by all means speak your mind. That is what the comments section is for after all. Don't be shy, HOLLA BACK!


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Casting Call - S?M, 28-35, 6' feet or taller for co-starring role

Hey fellas, I am casting for my movie. Feel free to e-mail me at if you meet the requirements of the script. Be sure to submit headshots and a resume of your previous similar experience. Will consider all applicants but relocation funds are not available. Thanks for looking.


NYers - Fleet Week is here

Ladies, get those dresses and heels out, fleet week has hit the city! The majority of the men in uniform will be staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 102 North End Avenue which is downtown Manhattan so expect to see lots of fellas hanging out in Chevy's. Other good locations to check out the "sites", i.e., men in uniform include A&M Roadhouse, Jay-Z's spot 40/40, and the Copa. With the weather report no longer reading rain, I hope everyone has a fun safe Memorial Day. Sailors,keep it clean - you are wearing white.


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Hallmark - The Danger Zone

I cannot go into a Hallmark, Papyrus or Kate's Paperie without buying tons of cards for occasions that have not even come up yet. Well last Friday, I saw the cutest card with a picture of a Jack Russell puppy with a heart over his head, which was cocked to one side as if he were looking right at you, and inside the words were "Thinking of you with love". I immediately thought of the ex boyfriend who had given me a poster of a jumping Jack Russell a few months ago. I figured, I should send this, I am thinking of him with love. And then I talked to him and I realized, he is not thinking of me with any love. It was one of those strange conversations where you are not sure what the person is thinking about you but they seem annoyed. I guess all calls to ex's can feel like that.

I guess it worked out because I sent the card instead to my friend away in VT working on some mental health issues who sends me post cards once a week. It is nice for me to give back what I received instead of giving, hoping he would reciprocate at some future point. Love is such a fickle, funny feeling.


CP Time?

I want to thank my friend Steve for waking me up this morning at 6:30 a.m. with a phone call from Japan. Yes Steve, I did call you last week not realizing you were in Japan. Normally if someone is out of the country, I accept that as a valid reason for not returning my call promptly. I was glad to hear him sound so happy and I can't wait to talk to him when he gets back into town on Sunday. I hope he brought me something cool back like rose oil or a silk scarf. If you are reading Steve, hint, hint since you let your mom have my doll.


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Oh My God, They killed Adriana!

I can't believe that motherfucker Tony Soprano had the nerve to have Adriana killed while he protects Tony B in the process. The only reason Adriana got into anything with the feds is because of Christopher. And then a few weeks ago, he was ready to fuck her brains out and now he calls her up with this bullshit story about Christopher committing suicide?? Some nerve. As you can tell from the expletives, I am livid. Adriana came clean and told Christopher the truth - that she has been giving the feds bull shit information. Earth to Christopher, if Adriana had given them anything good, your ass and Tony would be up shit's creak right now. And Tony B? He has some fucking nerve killing not one, but two people without permission. That bug eyed fresh out of jail asshole has no write snuffing out people without the okay from Tony S. I hope Sylvio spared Adriana and maybe she is not really dead. Tony S. didn't even kill Christopher when he threatened him after the alleged Adriana blow job. Right now, I want to snuff out some of those writers!


Real World vs. Road Rules Inferno Finale

Well I told you long ago that Road Rules would win this challenge, but it still surprised me to see it happen again. I really wanted to see Katie blow it for the team which is what is expected from her. The Real World needs some fresh blood out there. MTV needs to get some of those people who keep showing up on The Smoking Gun a chance. Obviously they need the money so they can stop prostituting and stealing cars. Perhaps I am just bitter because at the ripe old age of 25, I am simply too old to appear on most MTV programming. Hey, I guess I am too mature to get drunk everynight and make an ass of myself on TV (actually that is not the case!). But I am too old to up and quit my job and rely on iffy payments from future challenge shows to support my "new acting career".

FYI - My Match profile is now at 510 views (up from 420 last night at 11:30). Why are people in other time zones checking me out?????


Sunday, May 23, 2004

Are these people on Craig's List serious? They actually think you can post a message, get some responses and meet up with a stranger for sex?? Surely this is illegal. I am curious how many people use Craig's List for dating? If you have a story, let me know. Just by rummaging through the postings, there are people who will pay you to "escort" business men in foreign lands, people who have one extra ticket for a show and need a last minute date, and people who want "models" to reply so they can have a night of wild sex. I know NY is full of freaks but I didn't realize so many people think they can meet fellow freaks on Craig's List? I wonder if Craig knew this was what his "list" would be used for...


267 viewers???

In the 3 days since I have made my profile public, I have had a whopping 267 people check me out, 7 e-mails, and 15 winks. I am so gonna have like a 1000 page book about this experience by the end of summer. Thus far my prospects sound good on paper and include a firefighter, an investment banker, a lawyer and a music manager. Surprise, surprise - I am most looking forward to the firefighter. I have never seen a white bald guy look so hot in a uniform. And since he works only 3-4 days a week, he will have lots of time for me! I'll keep you posted.

Can blogs date each other, cause I think my blog and this other blog in DC have been checking each other out and dating....This weblogging is more serious than I thought.


Mean Girls Is So Fetch

I went to see two cute movies today. Movies that the person who went with me would never admit to seeing, Mean Girls and Shrek 2. I don't know why I am attracted to movies about high school cliques and the girl on the outskirts ends up saving the day and getting the guy. You would think that I related to that somehow, but in boarding school, I didn't really have cliques. All the black people were friendly with each other (hey, you gotta stick together) and I was also friendly with the girls of other races in my class. I dressed nice and I was cute, so I never stuck out. Yet movies like Mean Girls and Clueless always end up my favorites. Go see it, its fetch!


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Match Anyone?

I am finally starting to meet a new batch of normal guys from over e-mail. I think the e-mails from losers could actually merit a weblog. It is crazy for me because all this time I thought I wanted to meet someone, but every time I hang out with anyone, I could care less about them or what they think. This nonchalant attitude is new to me. I really think I am incapable of liking anyone. After being crushed by an ex last year, I realized I would never give anyone my heart again. So now I wonder, is it possible for someone to fall in love with me again without me actually feeling strongly about them? Women do it all the time, so I guess its a man's turn now. I sure hope so, cause I damn sure don't want to die alone, but I am sure I have met the last guy I am going to love, my sweet Snoopy :o)He is also much cuter than all of the available single men I have been meeting!


Too much Miami

Can you ever get too much of sun, fun, drinking and crazy partying? Considering I returned from my last trip to Miami feeling very under the weather, my first instinct is to answer yes. Well then why the hell am I looking for tickets to do it all over again for Memorial Day. I expect that Miami will be off the chain with the usual long weekend antics, but damn is it a good way to break up the monotony of my boring day-to-day life. If any of my friends are reading this and can dissuade me to instead attend a BBQ where they promise I can make my famous BBQ shrimp on an open grill, holla! If not, see you on South Beach.


Monday, May 17, 2004

Work on Mars?

I have found an ideal place to work - one where my weight does not matter and I don't have the same need for expensive stilletos. Wanna join me? Apply for a job on Mars.


Last picture for tonight. This is one of Snoopy's brothers Otto. When his mom Brandy gave birth to six puppies, there was no way in hell I was going to keep them all. So Otto lives on 14th Street in Union Square with a woman I met on Craig's List who happens to be a beauty editor at Elle Magazine. I am sure he is much happier since he has a nanny, a play group and a Christian Dior bed. Snoppy certainly is not living that large!


This is a picture of my puppy Snoopy. He was born last March so I am not sure if he can still be called a puppy or if he is officially a dog. Now that it is spring, he has much less hair but he still looks like a teddy bear or a stuffed animal. Don't let the cute pic fool you - this dog will run your house (and run up a vet bill with all the shit he gets into!)


I just discovered BloggerBot which hosts pictures for free and allows you to include them in posts!. Neat. So I have decided to add back this picture from my vacation in Cuba as a test. Now I can add pictures of my dogs, friends, enemies....don't you just love blogger sometimes.


Old Navy Family Values?

Last time I checked, Old Navy was a family shopping store. There commercials always feature fashions for children and adults. So who in the hell at GAP Inc. determined that it was suitable for their new commercial to feature a song about "Daisy Dukes", also known as pum pum shorts or "hot" pants. Maybe I am a bit prude, but something is fishy...


Sunday, May 16, 2004

Sopranos Mind Fuck???

Why does the Sopranos throw in all these crazy episodes every now and then as if someone behind the scences is saying, "How can we stretch this season out a bit?", "Oh, let's play more head games with Tony". Mobsters in real life are murdered and never seen again. I don't want to see Big Pussy or Richie April or any other snake who got done in any more episodes. Before the end of the series, we need to see Tony S. but a big bullet between the eyes of Tony B. That would be justice.


Spring Cleaning

Well as you may or not know, I have this obsessive shopping habit. I figured eventually I would run out of room for things, but I didn't realize it would happen so soon. Well it has. Despite 4 closets, 2 dressers and numerous plastic clothing containers my last few purchases have been forced to stay in the shopping bags/boxes they have come in. So I decided to get cracking and start getting rid of everything I did not need. Well I realized I have quite a tee-shirt collection, many of which are too sentimental to dispose of. I have tee-shirts commemorating my boarding school days, the time I tried out to be a VJ on MTV, winning a spring break booty contest in Jamaica, my first law firm job, my first rap concert, my first real job at Reebok, my first vacation with a man and the list goes on. So while I did manage to fill three shopping bags with donations to Good Will (and a smaller shopping bag of things to sell on eBay to make money to buy more stuff), certain tee-shirts will stay in the drawer for many spring cleanings to come. Thanks to Sharifa who I helped move into a new apartment with her boyfriend for inspiring my own cleaning. Now if only I could be inspired to find a man I could actually see myself living with....


Friday, May 14, 2004

I hate being sick

The only thing worse than being sick is not having someone to take care of you. Gosh I need to meet a new man who can whip up chicken soup in a heartbeat. WHERE ARE YOU???Lucky for me between the two days I took off to go to Miami on Monday and Tuesday and calling in sick today, I only worked 2 days this week and surprisingly was pretty productive. Now if I could only get permission to "work remotely" I would be set. I mean what does it mean to "work" from home - proof a DSL hook up and a telephone for conference call. If that is the case, surely I "work" remotely in the morning and at night around work.


Thursday, May 13, 2004

I'm going to SPAIN!!!!!

Well I did it. I brought myself the best and first gift for my upcoming birthday in July. I have a round-trip ticket to Majorca, the destination of choice for Europeans. Apparently men in Spain have a thing for black women so I am in luck as well - maybe I will meet someone. This is a huge step for me as it is my first trip by myself. I have invited a friend to come along so I will see if they accept, but I already have a ticket regardless and I can't wait!!! Thanks to my boss and my co-worker for giving me the scoop on Majorca and pushing me to go there instead of Turks & Caicos where I was originally going to go. Feel free to e-mail me tips if you have ever been to this part of Spain. I have 3 months to plan!!! Good night


Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all the wonderful mother's out there had a great day. I am sure your children treated you well on this special day. For me, since I am estranged from my mother, it is not a day I really celebrate. The last time I felt like Mother's Day was a special day was last year when my ex invited me along to celebrate with his mom - awwwww. It was sweet and cute. We went to church, visited his family and went back to his parents for a nice home cooked meal. It felt good to be part of a family for a few hours. About a month later, that was relationship was over so I guess it taught me not to get too attached to things like that. Her probably realized I would never be a great mom like his mom. I guess for me Mother's Day is a day for me to think about all the cool mother's who have touched my life even though none of them is my own(Love goes to Sharifa's mom, Steve's mom, Jennifer's mom, Ronald's mom, and Snoopy's mom). Thanks for everything. With love, Z.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

Diet Day 4 - Not so Good

Work lunches always cause you to overeat (and eat the most expensive thing in the menu). When work is paying it is the only time I order a 3 course meal. Of course Mr. Boss, I eat appetizers, entrees and desserts every day so you have to feed me accordingly. Well I started off good because I was so busy running my mouth I forgot to order my appetizer. I did okay again because the best shrimp dish was a shrimp ceasar salad. Then dessert came and I forgot all about that calorie stuff. I ordered the warm chocolate cake complete with ice cream and whipped cream. So back to the drawing board tomorrow. Now as I watch the last Friends, my stomache growls in pain since I denied myself dinner to make up for those extra calories. Ah, the pain us women endure to be thin. Sometimes I wish I was a real fat bitch so I could just get my stomache stapled.Hmmm, it might be fun trying to get that big.... Later. Gotta finish FRIENDS!!!


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Diet Day Two

I have been on a real diet for two whole days now. Not Atkins, not Zone, just a simple book where I have been keeping a track of everything that enters my mouth (hmmmm) and writing down how many calories and how much fat they each contain. I have been keeping calorie intake under 1200 calories per day which is great considering I burn 400 calories a day in the gym. If I can only find a way to burn and eat the same amount, I should shrink in no time. Anyone know how to do that please let me know. Quick question - why are all entrepreneurs and all venture capitalists 90% men? Every VC event I go I feel like the only woman in the room. Ladies of the world, lets go forth and start our own companies so we can make money and fund new ones. Good night!


Sunday, May 02, 2004


On Sundays, better yet any day, my favorite thing to do after a long day at work or a long day at play is to cuddle in bed. Since I currently don't have a man to do that with (I am working on that, its spring, time to activate my profile), the next best thing is one of my dogs. GiGi (a poodle), my oldest and most beloved is too old and thin to make for good cuddling. He doesn't like to lay still, his breath is worse than all the other dogs and he can't support the weight of my arm without squirming. On a cold day, the best cuddler by far is Brandy (a chubby cocker spaniel). She loves to lay around and do nothing - hence the reason she got fat and despite her sometimes bitchy attitude, she is a sweetheart who loves affection and will lay with you all day long if you let her. The only problem is getting her into the bed. Her weight affects her ability to jump high, so you gotta pull her up sometimes. My newest dog (and the son of GiGi and Brandy) Snoopy is good for days when you feel down or out of it. Not only will he lay with you, but he knows when its time to get out of bed and play with him and he also knows when its time to go to work so you don't oversleep. A few wet kisses and you will want to get up just to wash your face. Thanks to my all my doggies who provide me with unconditional love. I have to find a man to do the same, so ladies stop calling men dogs until I find one.


3 day weekends???

I always seem to use the weekend to take care of all the business I never find time for during the week. I do laundry, shop, bank, grocery food shopping, cleaners (who ever catches them after work before they close), shoe maker, exercise, etc. Why is it that in my life, I only get two days to myself and the other 5 I give to the people who run the company I work for? It just doesn't seem like a fair balance. By the time I cram all those activities into the weekend, Sunday afternoon finds me wanting to crawl into bed tired to get my energy ready for the work week. If we spend the two days we have off from work preparing for work, when does the leisure time come in? If anyone has found an extra day in the week that I have not heard of, please hit me up and let me know where it is. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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